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This smart & simple food combining methodology helps you create healthy meals in perfect balance, as nature intended. What we love about it the most is that it’s suitable for vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, paleo and keto – just simply create your own or utilise one of the delicious and nutritious recipes included in the program and make your own!

In the workshop together, we will unpack 6 steps to help you live a happy, healthy and balanced life.

This mini eBook includes;


Recipes from the How to Plate Up Program that are simple, well-balanced, free from gluten, dairy and unwanted sugars.


An easy to use MYO (make your own) or CYO (create your own) Shopping List


Get into the Kitchen and Start Plating Up!

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What Others Are Saying

Jeanelle has such a beautiful balance of gentleness and clarity in her coaching.
Andrea Buck
Andrea Buck
Jeanelle, through patient but persistent questioning, caused me to uncover many long-seated negative behaviours and mindsets.
Lee-Anne Johnston
Lee-Anne Johnston
Jeanelle is a woman in sync with my morals and beliefs. Empowered women empower women xx
Angela Riley
Angela Riley

Meet Your Coach


Life and Health Strategist​

Hey, I’m Jeanelle, founder of Mindfulness for Health. I’m passionate about serving women, like you, who feel stuck & overwhelmed on their journey to living a life they love. 

It is my mission to help my clients break free from the guilt of wanting to experience more than what they currently are. We work together and help you design a blueprint for living a life of health, happiness & vitality.

It is your time!
No more dieting and calorie counting.
No more impossible exercise programs.
No more feeling insecure about yourself.

Start experiencing self-love, self-acceptance and finally build self-trust to live the life you know you deserve. A happy, healthy life is within your grasp!