8 key elements to living a balanced life as a nurse

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At Mindfulness for Health, we work with healthcare workers with a strong focus on nurses to break free from the guilt of wanting to experience more than what they currently are in their professional and personal lives.

The Reason I Became a Health Coach

I grew up in a family who valued the traditional mindset around being healthy. I was a fit and ‘healthy’ teenager. That was until I was diagnosed with poly-cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) at 16 years of age. I had to relearn what it meant to me to have good health and wellbeing.
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All the tips and insights you need to be successful in life are right here.

There’s no doubt that life is messy, confusing and complex. Sometimes, it’s exhausting to even plan ahead for the next week, let alone your long-term life goals.The good news is that it doesn’t have to always be like this. All the tips and insights you need to be successful in life are right here.

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What Others Are Saying

If you are looking to challenge your self and open your doors to possibilities, I highly recommend Mindfulness for Health. The results will amaze you and others around you! I approached Jeanelle for personal coaching following a recommendation from a close business friend. My goal was to gain clarity and focus on my busy working life and improve my quality of life. Jeanelle was exceptional from the start of our first telephone conversation. She helped me to develop a sense of self, inner strength and clarified unresolved personal beliefs that were getting in the way of moving forward. The result was a unique personal experience driven by Jeanelle’s superb line of questioning, structured approach and supportive communication. She provided me with the tools I need to work on strategies to shift thought patterns and enjoy my life. Jeanelle thanks for your professionalism and expertise as a Coach you are truly AWESOME!
– Angela Cortes -Registered Nurse
Jeanelle Classen is a truly inspiring coach who shows our own potentials and opportunities in life. She did an amazing job by revealing the own importance and strength towards the success. Jeanelle motivated me to think about the value of focusing on myself while teaching me the cost of giving up things when achieving life goals. Her lessons were really helpful to me since I am a doctorate student who always has ups and downs in mental status with the research and daily activities. I was always worried about the uncertainty of the life and didn’t have much future plans due to fear of disappointment. Jeanelle guided me to achieve the success through planning the goals while embracing the uncertainty. Thank you very much Jeanelle for your amazing set of lessons.
– Dakshi Tharanga -Doctorate Student
Jeanelle has such a beautiful balance of gentleness and clarity in her coaching. She is quietly firm in her commitment to serve and ensure her client’s receive value from every session, while maintaining a view of long-term progress. I highly recommend Jeanelle as a coach, and am grateful for the time and commitment she dedicated to supporting me, and helping me through issues, some of which I was not even aware of before we started. Thank you Jeanelle!
– Andrea Buck -Founder of Frog-e Coaching

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