3 Easy Steps To Break Through Your Health Limits

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Winter is here! It is pouring down with rain outside as I’m sitting here, writing on one of my absolute favourite topics in the world. I love learning about how to break through any limit, I am the kind of gal that will research any topic into the next dimension if I could in order to get to the true essence of that topic. Today’s topic; the limits we put on our selves when it comes to health. 

If you are as passionate as me about learning how to live a healthy life, you will know that there are so many contradicting, overwhelming and complicated diets, exercise programs and everything else that comes in the package of healthy living out there. And you better believe I have tried MANY a ‘tip and trick’. What I have found to be my biggest limit to reaching my health goals is that I would create these amazing, intricate plans for myself, I would be incredibly motivated and completely sincere in setting my goas! Then, you guessed it… I’d lose motivation, get overwhelmed or ‘get busy’. Or even more frustrating; I’d get amazing results and then once I’ve achieved my goal, I’d relapse and lose everything that I have gained, or worse! 

We’ve all been there, I’m sure of it, and there’s no shame in it! Seriously, don’t beat yourself up, it’s totally normal and you’re definitely not alone on that struggle!

So how do I break through this cycle!? I’ve got good news for you, it DOESN’T have to be so HARD and COMPLICATED!!! Trust me, I’ve tried and tested, I’ve researched and I have found what I personally believe is the easiest 3 steps to breaking through any limit you might be facing, especially health-related ones! These steps are simple, achievable and sustainable so that you can finally get the lasting results that you’ve been working so hard to get.

1. Mindset is More Important Than You Might Think

You might have heard this before, and it is so so so true! Research has found that your mindset is one of the most important factors when you are working towards ANY goal. When it comes to our health, I hear it said all too often that it is EXPENSIVE or too HARD or I’ll TRY to make healthy choices. The brutal truth is, have you considered how expensive living with a chronic illness is and how hard it can get? I love this famous quote because it is so real to me;

What that means to me is, if I am not willing to commit 100% to invest in my health now whether it is financially, time or effort, it will turn into an expense I am not willing to carry later on if I don’t. Ok, so I hear you saying, ‘well that’s a nice idea, Jeanelle, but HOW am I supposed to change my mindset around health?’

Consider what it means to YOU to be healthy, forget about what you’ve read, what others have told you or what you think should be. Take as much time as you need, be as specific as possible and be very real with yourself here. Really think about what a healthy you looks like;

  • How do you feel?
  • How do you look?
  • What do you do?
  • What do you eat?
  • Do you exercise?
  • Do you do meal prep?
  • Do you have checklists?
  • Do you need a support system like a personal trainer or health coach?
  • Will you be able to achieve your end goal on your own?
  • Are you following a plan or just doing what you feel like at the time?

Only once you have figured out what this means to you, you will be able to start looking into making or looking for a plan that will work for you to help you get motivated and achieve those longterm and sustainable results that you deserve. While having the purpose and the goal together is already great, having a very positive mindset toward the goal is a very good thing as well.

2. Small Steps Set You up For Big Changes

What I love about this step is that it is so simple and yet we tend to create this huge, complicated monster in our heads! Taking small steps is OK, very often we think that faster is better because then we can get there sooner or maybe skip over some hard parts if we flash by them, right? NOPE! I can tell you now, that does not work! 

When deciding which small steps, you need to take, it is really important to look at the big picture FIRST. If you don’t have a destination first, what’s the point in getting the map?

‘Great, I can totally do that, so how do I know WHAT small steps to take?’ Well, first you will have set a solid SMART goal (Coming soon; My new and improved way of setting SMART goals for success). Working backwards from the big goal, take each month and write in things like

  • Things you need to start doing
  • Things you need to stop doing
  • When and How are you going to start/stop doing these things?
  • Are you seeing a personal trainer or health coach for extra support and accountability?

This is a good time to incorporate things that you identified earlier about what it means to be healthy to you, this will help keep you on track to keeping it personalised to your own goals and ideals. Make this as detailed as you can and try to keep it as simple and achievable as possible, this will help you set yourself up for small successes along the way.

3. What is Your REAL Why

I recently heard about another coach talking to a client about their motivation and goals. This client had been struggling by herself for years to achieve her goal. This was the convo:

Coach: What is your main goal right now?
Client: I just want to lose 10kgs
Coach: Why do you want to lose 10kgs?
Client: So that I am skinny
Coach: Why do you want to be skinny?
Client: So I can look good
Coach: Why do you want to look good?
Client: So that I feel more confident and beautiful
Coach: Why do you want to feel more confident and beautiful
Client: I feel insecure about my looks and I’m worried about what might happen if I don’t do something about my health…
Coach: Congratulations, we have discovered your REAL WHY!

So why am I sharing this seemingly boring and annoying conversation with you? Because all too often we are so focused on our goal that we forget the REAL reason behind the goal or the motivation behind it. When you are caught up with your goal, it acts as a ‘blindfold’ to the real reason why you want to achieve it in the first place. When you are blind to your why, it is really easy to just give up or you tend to lose motivation a lot quicker because you haven’t made that goal your own… YET! When you remind yourself of your real WHY, that is when you can start to take valuable action.

To discover your real why I want you to to take a few moments now to ask yourself ‘why?’. Be persistent with yourself, don’t just settle for the superficial reasons, they are important but they are not going to help you maintain that burning motivation to take massive action and claim that end result!

Bringing it all together

Awesome! You now know my 3 easy steps to break through your health limits, I truly believe that this will help you smash those goals! It’s up to you now to put them into action and claim what you deserve. 

To put all the steps into action you’ve got to do 3 simple things;

  1. Actually do the mini-self-discovery exercises you read in this article
  2. Be consistent, if you do the steps every day, eventually you will have created an unbeatable foundation of success for yourself
  3. Consider personal 1-on-1 coaching, if you REALLY want to dig deep and if you are serious about achieving your goals, a coach can be invaluable to you!

I am currently offering a FREE 30min breakthrough coaching session for women who are truly dedicated to reaching new heights in their health. I’m not looking to work with people who are going to ‘try’ to transform their health, I’m passionate about empowering and equipping women who are willing to learn and grow!

After this powerful session, you will leave:

  • Knowing what health and nutrition really means to you
  • Being aware of what’s limiting your health goals
  • Equipped with specific tools and steps that will help you achieve your nutrition goals
  • With an action plan for creating lasting health and nutrition results
  • Feeling inspired, confident, and empowered
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I trust that this has been as valuable to you as it has been fun for me to create this post! Until next time, Jeanelle x