5 Easy Steps to DIY threading


I’ve been getting my lip and eyebrows threaded for YEARS but I just came back from five weeks of nursing placement and the bank doesn’t allow for me to pay someone to do it so I decided to have a go at it myself! The concept was a lot simpler than I thought but also a lot harder to actually do than how it looks! I got there in the end and I am so satisfied with my efforts. Here are my five easy steps to doing your own threading. Enjoy!

Step 1: Gather your supplies

You will need about 30-35cm of regular cotton sewing thread but if you really want to go pro, you can easily get special threading material from most local oriental shops. You might also want to get a soothing product like aloe vera for after care. Now depending on how much you trust yourself you will also need a mirror because well you probably don’t want to take off half of your eyebrow!

Step 2: Prepare your thread

This is where the fun starts! Fold the thread in half and knot the two ends together. Next, hold the knotted side in one hand and the middle of the thread in the other.

Now, twist any one of the sides 4 – 5 times whilst holding the opposite hand still. This creates a twist in the thread which will be the part that removes the hair.

Step 3: Practice, Practice, Practice

Like I said, it is really simple to get together but a whole other story actually doing the action. You’ve got your twist and you’re still holding both ends now using your pointer finger and thumb make a scissor like action like this… 😉

Handy tip – Practice on a spot that you can hide, I used my leg! It’ll be a bonus if you can practice on someone else! 

Step 4: Get Threading

I definitely found this step to be the hardest of the 5! Because this was my first time doing my own threading I started with my upper lip because it is a to harder to mess up than an eyebrow. Once I got the hang of that, I moved to the spot between the eyebrows and finally onto the arch of my brows. I like to keep the shape of my natural eyebrow so I didn’t have to take too much off and risk them being uneven so if you do like to really shape yours I suggest taking it really easy, the last thing you need is to slip!

Reminder – Whenever you ‘open’ your fingers, the opposite end will be pulling on the hairs so you want to place the twist in the thread on the hairs you want threaded.

Step 5: Aftercare is Key

Once you have your desired look, I highly recommend that you apply some soothing gel like aloe vera to help your skin recover and for a soft finish. It is normal for your skin to go red because you basically just waxed it so it will be a bit agitated but it should go down within a couple minutes to hours.

I hope you can follow these 5 Easy Steps to DIY Threading and save a bit of money while you’re at it! As always, I love chatting with you about what you love so PLEASE don’t hesitate to share this post, comment or get in touch directly for post requests and feedback! Happy threading ladies, until next time x